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As Eiffel Tower  begins the process of slowly and safely reopening, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the safe dining of our guests.  The health and safety of our patrons and staff is our top priority.

Dine in service will remain at 50% capacity with social distancing guidelines in place.  Masks will be worn by all employees at all times.  We are introducing digital and sanitized physical menus and will maintain thorough sanitation procedures and continuous hand washing.

For your health and safety, our policy is that all guests must wear a mask when entering, moving around, and exiting the restaurant. This includes when you leave the table to go to the restroom. Masks are not required once you are seated at your table. Thank you for doing your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you for your continued trust and support of Eiffel Tower Restaurant.  We are so happy and excited to welcome you back and serve you once again.

To view our health and safety guidelines for Lettuce Entertain You, click here.


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The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is famous for its light, delicate, decadent soufflés, and we serve thousands of them every year.

A traditional french soufflé is made with eggs, sugar and fresh fruits and chocolate.  The difficulty of the dessert lies in creating a fluffy, light dessert that defies gravity.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant always has at least six different soufflé flavors on the menu. Guests also enjoy watching these being made at the dessert station in the kitchen. The pastry chefs are constantly inspired by any number of flavors to reflect the seasons. Our current summer soufflé is Lemon and Blueberry.  Raspberry is featured in the spring, Pumpkin in the fall,  Mandarin Orange in the winter, and Chocolate, Grand Marnier, and Pistachio any time of the year.