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Marilyn Monroe is an icon around the world, remembered for her work in film and print and still considered one of the most memorable sex symbols of her generation. The public’s continuing fascination with her life receives a new perspective with Marilyn! The Musical at Paris Hotel Las Vegas, a personal story of her search for happiness told through the eyes of her driver, Charlie. The show opens on June 1st 2018, Marilyn’s birthday.

Whether you dine out before or after the show, make it an evening to remember at Eiffel Tower Restaurant. Enjoy our modern French cuisine, while overlooking the fabulous Las Vegas Strip, perhaps even catching a distant glimpse of the memories that Marilyn left behind. There was the small house she rented on 3rdStreet in 1946, the many Vegas showrooms where she graced the stage with her performances, and even today the small stretch of road called Marilyn Monroe Avenue. At Eiffel Tower, we also tip our hats to the memory of Marilyn and her famous love of champagne with our Femme en Coupe, a delightful blend of champagne and calvados apple brandy, garnished with cherries.

So, contact the Paris Hotel box office to see Marilyn! The Musical and then call us at 702-948-6937 to book your reservation and spend an evening celebrating the life and memory of Marilyn.