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Veggie Lovers Unite ~ A Vegetarian Beef Wellington

We have many signature dishes at Eiffel Tower Restaurant, including our Beef Wellington, Pinot Noir Salmon, and Rack of Lamb. These are all wonderful dishes, but what about our vegetarian diners? We want them to have something special as well, so we created our Vegetarian Wellington – a unique dish that we are proud to offer, and a dish that any guest could enjoy, as it showcases great flavors and techniques.

The Vegetarian Wellington is a labor of love that brings together many different components. We begin by making our mushroom quinoa mixture, which includes finely chopped crimini mushrooms, red quinoa, sautéed onion and red pepper, garlic, parsley, soy sauce, chili sauce, egg, panko bread crumbs, and aged parmesan. This mixture comprises one layer of the wellington, and then we layer spinach, piquillo peppers, and roasted vegetables, which include artichoke hearts, butternut squash and eggplant. All of these ingredients are wrapped in puff pastry, baked until golden brown, and then served with tomato coulis and fresh basil. Call 702-948-6937 to book your reservation today and explore our other vegetarian dishes, including a five course vegetarian tasting menu with an optional wine pairing. Bon appetit!