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Summer Calls For Rosé All Day In Las Vegas

We look forward to Summer at Eiffel Tower Restaurant, when hot sunny days lend themselves to sipping on a cool glass of Rosé wine, while taking in our spectacular view. Rosé wines have a long history dating back to ancient times, when Greek and Roman winemakers were already discovering that pressed grape juice left in contact with the skins just long enough, imparts a delicate pale pink hue. Of course wine making has a come a long way, and today France, in particular Provence, has become synonymous with Rosés, which have been produced in the region for over 2000 years.

Currently we are excited to be featuring several different Rosés on our menu, including selections from Côtes de Provence. These light, floral wines have hints of strawberry, raspberry, and honey. The finish is crisp and dry. What we love best about these wines is their culinary versatility. Although traditional wine pairings are evolving, red wines typically pair well with meats, rich sauces and more robust flavors, while white wines play well with seafood, salads, and other light and delicate foods. Rosé falls right in the middle, perfectly capable of joining forces with a wide array of flavors. Join us for dinner and you can pair any of our Rosés with dishes ranging from Warm New York State Foie Gras or King Crab Dijonnaise, to Pinot Noir Salmon or Wild Alaskan Halibut.

Book your reservation now by calling Eiffel Tower Restaurant at 702-948-6937. You can also view our full menu at We look forward to seeing you soon. Santé!