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Le Carte de Vins  – Chef Patron J Joho

Eiffel Tower Restaurant may be known for Chef Joho’s updated French Classic cuisine and fabulous views of The Strip and Bellagio Fountains, but did you know it also has a wine list that offers over 1200 selections?  How do we choose what goes on our list?  We make it simple by narrowing down to two main wine producing countries: France and North America. With the expertise of the wine savvy Chef Joho and the restaurant’s beverage director, we literally taste every wine before adding it to our extensive list. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

When it comes tasting wine, it’s all about balance. When you take that sip, you want the scents and flavors to be in harmony and not have one element take over the other. The same goes for our wine list, we take pride in having balance. Light and lively to full and robust, we take care to offer as many options as possible. Whether just a half bottle of something new that you’ve never tried before, or that magnum (or larger) of your favorite cabernet sauvignon from France or the United States to celebrate the moment, we want to fulfill your desires. If you think that’s too much of a task? Don’t worry, sit back, relax and enjoy the view. We have a staff of experienced and knowledgeable sommeliers to lead the way. Á vôtre santé.