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Tasting Perfection: Every Evening We Taste Our Soufflés

At Eiffel Tower Restaurant, we showcase Chef Joho’s updated French Classic cuisine in a dining room where the view is as much of the experience as the food. From the beginning of the evening, when the first glass of Champagne is poured, to the moment where the last bite of soufflé is consumed, every moment is meant to sparkle and glow as brightly as The Strip below.

Oh, our soufflés. What could be more memorable than capping off an evening overlooking the Bellagio

Fountains enjoying a soufflé, with all its delicacy? Chef Joho is famous for his ever-popular soufflé. We always have six to eight flavors at the restaurant, depending on the season. Guests love watching these being made at the dessert station in the kitchen.

Depending on the flavor you want, you can add any number of flavors to reflect the seasons, such as raspberry in the spring and summer; pumpkin in the fall; mandarin orange in in the winter; and chocolate, Grand Marnier, and pistachio any time of the year. Chef is constantly trying new flavors all the time.

There exists a certain lore about soufflés; temperamental, inflexible, fussy, elusive… that has shaken the confidence of many who have attempted to add this technique to their cooking repertoire. But once the challenges are overcome and the execution comes together, the results deliver a WOW factor every time.

At Eiffel Tower, before a soufflé goes out to a guest, the pastry chef on the soufflé station makes one of each flavor and presents it to the chef to taste. All to make sure that when a soufflé is served to a guest, it is tall, light and bursting with flavor, table after table.