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Eiffel Tower Restaurant is known not only for Chef/Proprietor J. Joho’s exquisite cuisine and the dining room’s magnificent views of the glittering Las Vegas Strip and Bellagio Fountains, but also for ROMANCE. Every day we find new ways to recognize all the proposals, anniversaries, lovers’ weekend celebrations and more in our restaurant. One delicious way that will go straight to your head is our most romantic cocktail—The Eiffel Affair.

We start off by marinating a combination of fresh berries in a combination of blueberry vodka, crème de cassis, Cointreau and rose nectar. When it has all macerated for at least 24 hours into a sweet, fruity, mouthwatering combination, we top it off with champagne right before serving.

As you sip this cocktail it will tickle your lips, make you giggle and start your evening off with pleasure. Now that is what we call romance. Or, to be exact, The Eiffel Affair!