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Cocktails and Brunch in Las Vegas

Many of our guests would say that weekend brunch in Las Vegas is not complete without mimosas. At Eiffel Tower Restaurant, we couldn’t agree more, but we approach it from an “elevated” perspective with our Ulti-mosas, which include more than just Champagne and orange juice. We use a variety of luxury ingredients including passion fruit, cognac, raspberry and blackberry liqueur, and elderflower liqueur. Our newest Ulti-mosa is our Pear Float. Think ice cream float, and then forget everything you know about an ice cream float.

We start with pear puree and add a scoop of our vodka pear sorbet. Yes, you read that correctly – vodka and pear sorbet. Then, as if that wasn’t enough to entice you, we top it all off with Champagne. Whether you order it as a cocktail, or decide to save it for dessert, this Ulti-mosa is worth the trip to Eiffel Tower Restaurant. Explore our full brunch menu and call 702-948-6937 to make your brunch reservation on your next visit to the Las Vegas strip.  So don’t wait another minute. Amazing libations await you. Santé!